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How can an Inversion table change your life ?

An inversion table is the most commonly used therapeutic device that works on the principle of inversion therapy. It is also known as gravitational traction. It is a specially designed table that allows a person to hang upside down.  An inversion table can relieve back pain, neck pain, knee pain and also improves blood circulation in the body. It helps in any pain related to the spine and spinal cord and can reduce the chance of a spine surgery. 

Inversion tables can be used conveniently at home and can be a perfect choice to ease back pain. These come in different forms that are with a motor (automatic) or without motor (manual). The automatic ones are more expensive than the manual ones. Good inversion tables are easy to use, comfortable, long lasting, easy to store and reduces back problems.

Uses of An Inversion Table: Hanging upside down on an inversion table has been proven many benefits in medical science. Inversion therapy or table is recommended by many doctors and physical therapists to treat spinal disorders. Researchers show that hanging upside down on an inversion table creates an anti-gravitational effect that can relief the stressed and tensed muscles and painful spine.

Some of the uses of an inversion table are listed below:

Lowers Back Pain
Corrects Scoliosis
Relieving Pain due to Cervical Spinal Stenosis
Repairs Herniated Discs

Not every person using an inversion table is benefited as many people find it too painful. Some find it too intense while others like the intensity of hanging upside down. Also, an inversion table requires a second person to assist the hanging person. Thus, there is an alternative to this where a person can hang his head down in a sitting position. This is an inversion chair that is more comfortable than an inversion table. 

Types of Inversion Tables:

There are various types of inversion tables available in the market.

Elite Fitness Inversion Table: It is now known as Innova Health and Fitness model IT 9250. It is quite cheaper than other inversion tables, easy and safe to use. It is suitable for a person suffering from back pain and aching muscles. It comes with breathable fabric pad on a height adjustable table and a removable pillow to support the head. It also has ankle clamps to support the ankles. It is designed to support a user weighing up to 250 pounds and a maximum height of 6 feet and 6 inches. The table is a little bit sturdy and ankle clamps are stiff. Many users find the head rest and the table comfortable at its affordable price.

Teeter hang UPS EP 560 Inversion Table: This is undoubtedly the best inversion table in the market till date. It is specifically designed for a user weighing up to 300 lbs and a maximum height of 6 feet 6 inches. It is very comfortable and simple to use. Teeter has a flexible table that adjusted with the body and ankle support that has a special pressure reducing ankle locks. It is suitable for both beginners and experienced users. 

Life gear Inversion Table: This table is very strong and durable made up of steel with scratch resistant powder coated frame. It reduces back pain by relieving stiff muscles. It can support a user weighing up to 300 lbs and 6 feet 6 inches as a maximum height. It is easy to use and long lasting. It has benefited many users from back problems and has improved blood circulation. 

Ironman Gravity 4000 Inversion Table: It is the most comfortable inversion table available in market these days. It is an improved version of Gravity 1000 and Gravity 4000 models. It has comfortable ankle support system that comes with adjustable ankle cushions for more secure ankle hold. Its capacity is to hold a user weighing up to 350 lbs.

Health Mark Pro Max: It is a more expensive inversion table that can support a person weighing up to 600 lbs. Its unique design allows the user to hang up in both "face up" and "face down" positions. It can be comfortably used at home without any assistance. It also has ankle support, knee and thigh support. It allows 180-degree inversion in face down position for full gravity traction. While choosing an inversion table, the comfort level, safety standards, proper construction, and durability should be kept in mind. The comfort should not be compromised over price.